Parking and landscaping improvements at the Matthews Fire & EMS Department are nearing completion. This is the first major improvement to the site since the parking lot was constructed in the late 1980s. The wear and tear on a 30 year parking lot with 88,000 pound trucks entering and exiting the site had caused the lot to be in disrepair.
The parking lot has been redesigned to allow better turning radius of the fire trucks, 21 new parking spaces gained, curb and gutter and landscaping has been added, an underground stormwater detention area installed, and new concrete poured. Flagpoles are also being added. The underground stormwater detention area is composed of pervious concrete which allows rainwater from storm drains and roof drains to seep into the detention area to better the groundwater. This system is environmentally friendly and will help sustain the life of the parking areas.
The project was budgeted at $440,000 but costs have been lower than expected and $363,000 has spent on the improvements.