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Policemen to be honored tonight at Mint Hill’s Board meeting

Mint Hill Police’s Sgt. Daniel Forster and Officer Keith Mickovic will be recognized at the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners’ meeting tonight (Thursday, February 10). They will receive a commendation and the life saving award pin. Bill Williamson, the man who was saved, and his family, have been invited and are expected to attend. The ceremony will […]

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Man who suffered heart attack during pit bull attack says tougher laws needed

A harrowing day for one Mint Hill man could have larger repercussions for owners of pit bulls in the community. Bill Williamson, who lives on Dan Hood Road, suffered a heart attack last Friday as he confronted the owner of two pit bulls that were attacking a horse on Williamson’s property.
Williamson, 63, said he was told by Mint Hill Police that his heart had stopped and he had no pulse just before the police applied Automated External Defibrillator pads and resuscitated him.
“Without them, I would be dead,” Williamson said of the police.
Williamson, who had triple-bypass surgery just 10 months ago, said this is the second time the two pit bulls have attacked the horse on his pasture. On January 22, he said he walked out into the pasture and noticed the two dogs were hanging by the horses legs. He called Mint Hill Police and Mecklenburg Animal Control, but by the time they had arrived, the dogs had already returned to their owners property. Because of this, Animal Control said they could not do anything about the dogs or the owner.
“I think there’s something horrendously wrong with our laws,” Williamson said later. “That human beings have to live in fear of someone else’s pets.” […]

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