Fight at Butler-East Meck basketball game last night

**UPDATE: WCNC reports that charges have been filed against Ernest Owens, the father of the Butler girls basketball player who got into the fight with the East Meck resource officer. Also, the WCNC video is slowly making its way around the internet. CNN just ran the video and story in the 10 am hour today.

It’s difficult to make out just how the fight between a parent and a CMS resourcer started last night at the Butler-East Meck basketball game. Posts on message boards and social networks suggest that some of the Butler girls basketball team went to the opposing side of the gym to say hello to friends after the Lady Bulldogs beat the Lady Eagles 88-17. The East Meck AD apparently gave them permission. The resource officer then got into an argument with one of the parents and the fight ensued.

Because of new school assignment zones this year, many of the East Meck students now go to Butler, so there was bound to be at least a little love/tension in the air after the Lady Bulldogs won the game by such a large margin.

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5 comments on “Fight at Butler-East Meck basketball game last night
  1. Whatever happened to “Respect your teacher and other persons along with yourself”? I guess this Dad doesn’t understand that a Police Officer has the authority to enforce the rules. He and his family should be forced to apologize to all at the very least. They should be banned for inappropriate behavior for the rest of the school year. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  2. The truth to the matter is yes this was wrong of him to fight with the school cop but all the kids wanted to do was say hello to their former coach they were not trying to start anything some if them actually went to east meck last year.

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