2 comments on “Father of boy who was attacked by pit bull in Mint Hill speaks about tougher laws
  1. It is time to outlaw these animals. They were bred to kill and they do it well. There is no place in our society for them. They are a lethal weapons waiting to go off. Owners should be jailed for permitting them to attack anyone or anything.

  2. You can not blame isolated incidents on one breed of dog. Thats like saying a certain race robbed a convenience store and killed the clerk therefore that whole race is bad. My son has two pits that are the sweetest and most loving dogs and great with my grandson. Unfortunately they are a breed that requires special understanding and proper knowledge on raising them and most pit owners do not take the time to do that. There are some cities that make a potential owner take classes before they are able to adopt, that makes more sense than elimanating these beautiful dogs unneccesarily.

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