The Mint Hill Times

Paris, France in 1960.

Have you driven past Create a Video on Fairview Road in Mint Hill yet? You’ve seen the big sign, but what do they do? I wasn’t sure until they advertised recently in the Mint Hill Times. Create a Video takes your photographs and videos and digitally converts them so that they can be stored  on your computer. It’s a much needed business these days with the boomer generation reaching retirement, and the many photographs and videos that are stored in boxes in attics that need to be divided among family members. Create a Video will also allow you to store photos online so you can access them from anywhere with an internet-connected computer.
Dave Martinson allowed me to test drive his services to see what I thought. So I brought in a box of my mom’s slides from a trip she took to Europe in 1960. No one in the family had ever viewed them before except my mom and dad and that was before any of us kids were born.

A scene from the home movie made in 1964.

Also in the box of slides was an 8 MM film that none of us recognized. Our family has very few home movies and most of those were taken in the past few years. Dave said he would convert the film to a DVD so we could see what it was and have it stored permanently.
The day before Christmas, Dave called and said everything was ready to be picked up. Good service, and before Christmas like he said. When I got there, he wanted to show me two videos: One was a slideshow of my mom’s trip to Europe, and the other was the contents of the 8 MM film.
The pictures were amazing and it was great to see images of my mom reading on the deck of a cruise ship, or posing in front of gardens in Paris. The other DVD Dave made floored me. It was three minutes of a home movie of my eldest brother when he was a child. Also in the video were my mom, dad and grandfather. None of us knew there was a home movie this far back in our family. Dave said he would make copies of the DVDs so others in my family could have it.
Next to the sofa in the viewing room of Create a Video, Dave keeps a box of Kleenex for all the times people come in a view pictures or video from long ago. It can be a moving experience. If you want your treasured family photographs digitized so that you can store them on a computer, or want to get video or 8 MM home movies made into DVDs, stop by Dave’s shop on Fairview Road in Mint Hill. Revisit those once-in-a-lifetime experiences and share them with family and friends on Facebook. You will be glad you did.