Some minor smack talk coming from Wake Forest Rolesville fan

A Wake Forest Rolesville fan posted a video of team highlights on youtube. What caught my eye was the title of the video that says Butler is “hype.” If there is one school who has lived UP to the hype this season, it’s Butler. Not only did they lose their All American quarterback (Christian LeMay) before the season started, they also lost one of their best line backers (Ozzie Sombo) for several games, and their top running back (Deion Walker) half way through the season. How did the Bulldogs fare? They played the most difficult schedule in the state and still finished undefeated. Butler plays WFR for the state 4AA championship Saturday at 11 am in Raleigh. Here’s the video from the WFR fan:

7 comments on “Some minor smack talk coming from Wake Forest Rolesville fan
  1. You obviously didn’t read the whole title. its called Wfr vs butler hype. It’s a video to get the wfr fans hype for the game. This person does this for ever game. We do not take butler as hype. Stop trying to give butler motivation that Wfr isn’t even providing

  2. I’m sorry, but this is terrible journalism. The WFR fan who produced this video has done so for every playoff game this season. He adds the word “HYPE” to the titles in order to create… hype (this may be too difficult for the Mint Hill Times staff to understand). This is not “smack talk,” but a way to get WFR fans pumped for game this Saturday.

  3. Like everyone else said, Bryce has made a video to get fans hyped up for every game so far, so calm down trying to create drama where it’s not needed. But we ARE a force to be reckoned with as well, and we’re looking to go out there and get at that ass ass! So write your next article about that Mr. Long.

    Cougars, lehhgoo!!

  4. 44-0, now THAT’S SOME KIND OF “HYPE”. Butler was kind cause it could have been much worse.
    Hey Bryce, don’t quit your day job. Remember, it’s “Do you want fries with that order?”

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