US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) was named the Vice Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce for the 112th Congress.

“I am honored to have been selected by my colleagues to serve in this position” Myrick said. “We currently face many challenges as a country, and I look forward to working with Chairman Upton and the Members of the Committee toward solutions and legislation that will benefit the American people.”

“Representative Myrick will be a tremendous asset as Committee Vice Chair, and I am pleased to have her as a member of our leadership team as we work to repeal the new health care law, protect the sanctity of life, cut spending, fight job-killing regulations, fortify our energy security, and help create jobs,” said Fred Upton, incoming Chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Myrick also announced yesterday that she voted in favor of HR 4853, the Middle Class Tax Relief Act.

“Without this bill, hardworking, middle class families would have seen roughly $100 more per week taken out of their paychecks in taxes.  Businesses tell me every day that they could hire, but face so much uncertainty about their liabilities – mainly their tax and employee health care obligations.  This bill is one of the ways that we can let people keep more of their hard earned money, and eliminate the uncertainty that prevents employers from hiring, investing and growing their businesses. There are concerns about the unemployment insurance benefits, which aren’t paid for, increasing the deficit.  However, this bill will go a long way toward making sure we don’t slip further into recession, which would cause more people to require unemployment benefits.  I couldn’t vote against this bill and run the risk of pushing tax rates to historic highs and unsustainable levels.  What we need to focus on is fundamental tax reform – this two-year agreement gives us time to work on such a plan”.

HR 4538 passed by a vote of 277-148.