Another incident of man taking pictures of young girls

Mint Hill Police are on the look out for a man who is taking pictures of young girls. In the latest incident, a man was sitting in the passenger seat of a red full sized pick up truck Sunday taking pictures of an eight-year-old girl as she was playing in the snow. The girl was playing just outside her home on Atchinson Drive in Lawyers Station neighborhood. She told her mother that the man took three pictures of her with a Polaroid camera.
The suspect description is a white male with black and gray hair and a beard. He appeared to be approximately 40-50 years old.
The pickup truck is a red full size truck with some rust spots on it. Unlike the first reports, the suspect was not driving today. No description of the driver from today is available.
Police first heard about the man in the red truck on November 19 when he was spotted trying to persuade a six-year-old girl to come over to his truck as she got off the bus according to the mother. The incident took place in the Summerwood subdivision.
On November 22, the same truck was spotted in the Versage neighborhood off Truelight Church Road. Three young girls were walking in the neighborhood when the man in the red truck pulled up beside them and began taking pictures.
Anyone with information is requested to contact Mint Hill Police at 704-889-2231.  Information can be reported anonymously.

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One comment on “Another incident of man taking pictures of young girls
  1. As a community, we need to come together and catch this man, to keep our kids safe. I suggest letting everyone you know know about this situation, and keep on the look out. I am taking this article to my day care as it is right up the street from Versage. Mint hill is a great community, and we need to keep it that way!

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