Christian LeMay participates in Georgia practices

The Mint Hill Times

LeMay led Butler to a state championship in his junior season. (Photo By Mark Sward)

Former Butler standout quarterback Christian LeMay officially joined the Georgia Bulldogs practices in the past three days. LeMay missed his senior season at Butler because of  violations of CMS Code of Conduct and has been home-schooled this year. He planned to enroll in Georgia this spring. LeMay threw 44 touchdown passes and just two interceptions in his junior season at Butler, leading the team to its first state football championship. He is ranked as one of the best quarterback prospects coming out of high school.


Mint Hill family helps wrap gifts for hospice families

Christmas time is about giving, and one Mint Hill resident and her family are giving one of the most valuable gifts of them all: Their time. The Lake Wylie Pilot reports that Jennifer Ballard of Mint Hill and some of her family pitched in to help wrap presents for 14 hospice families in the Lake Wylie area.

“We aren’t doing much for ourselves this year, but we wanted to help other people. Instead, we want to give to people who need it.

“I have my family, a house, income … I everything I need,” she said.


Civitas Poll: North Carolinians support tax cuts

The Civitas Institute released a poll today showing North Carolinians are in favor of tax cuts to spur job growth by a large number. According to the live caller poll of 600 likely voters, 77 percent said they would support cutting taxes to encourage job creation even if it may require additional cuts in government spending in the short run. Nineteen percent of voters said they do not support cutting taxes.

“North Carolina voters’ support spurring job creation by cutting state taxes even if this requires more cuts to government services and spending,” said Civitas Institute Francis De Luca.

A poll questions that we would like them to ask is where, specifically, people would like to reduce spending in order to pay for tax cuts. Education? Health and human services?