Habitat Matthews and Weaver, Bennett & Bland,P.A.  have entered into a partnership that will net the non-profit 15 computers. Weaver, Bennett & Bland,P.A are getting a new set of 15 computers and will donate their few-years-old CPUs to Habitat. “The partners at the firm have a strong desire to keep the computers in the community, so they thought that Habitat and our families would be the perfect fit,” a press release from Habitat said.

Habitat also has hopes of expanding its ReStore and office, allowing them to serve more families and be a greater presence in the community. The computer donations from W, B & B would provide Habitat homeowners with computers at the office. In addition, they have agreed to letting affiliate sell the computers at a significantly discounted rate to families. As a result, the funds that Habitat raises can go directly back to our homebuilding program so they can provide for more families in the community.