Debate moderator Adam Kaplan, Republican Bill Brawley and Democrat Ann Newman at the Lion's Club debate Tuesday night.

Remember the hubbub over the town purchasing a cell tower five years ago? Well, the days of the town owning its own tower could be numbered. That’s because the City of Charlotte has asked the town if it can buy the tower, dismantle it, and erect it at another location. Town Manager Brian Welch said this week he will make a recommendation to the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners to sell the tower. Read the full story in this week’s Mint Hill Times.

Also in this week’s paper:

• The editorial looks at the travesty of having the state legislature redraw legislative and congressional districts. States are obligated to revisit district boundaries every 10 years. However, without an independent commission to do the work, it amounts to the fox guarding the hen house.

• District 103 candidates debated at the Lion’s Club meeting Tuesday night. Read what Republican Bill Brawley and Democrat Ann Newman have to say about the issues facing North Carolina.

• Lacey Hampton interviews leaders and residents in Mint Hill about how they handle stress in their daily lives. Most said either walking or praying as the best stress relievers.

Also this week, columns by Dr. Mike Richardson and Leslie Southerland, Terrific Kids for Lebanon Road Elementary School, and the best coverage of Butler and Independence high school football.