Queen’s Grant wins video contest

Queen’s Grant students created this video for Special Olympics last year as a project that coincided with Project Unify, a national project developed by U.S. Dept. of Education to activate young people around the country in fostering respectful behaviors and promoting dignity within their schools for all students. This is done in conjunction with Special Olympics and Boston Mass to get young adults to motivate students to respond with dignity, acceptance, and respect to all their peers and foster an environment that is inclusive. This video was created by Chloe Slayton and the Community Connections Club last year when we conducted Project Unify here at the school. This video was entered in a contest to promote Project Unify across the nation and won. This video was shown at opening ceremonies in N.C. and during Nationals in Omaha, NE. It is featured on the Special Olympics website and is a hit on YouTube.com. We will be involved with Project Unify again this year.

One comment on “Queen’s Grant wins video contest
  1. Congratulations to Queens Grant on a video worth watching as it is very thought-provoking. Good luck on your future endeavours.

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