As we reported last week, the town has finally purchased the land at Mint Hill Village for the new town hall. In this week’s Mint Hill Times, Commissioner Tina Ross explains her opposition to the site, while Mayor Ted Biggers asks her to show him the numbers.

Also in this week’s paper:

• Dwight Moody, who has called the Mint Hill area home for many decades, is a world famous bluegrass fiddler. Read the first of a two-part interview about his amazing 60 year career that is still going strong. In the video above, watch him play fiddle with the latest incarnation of the WBT Briarhoppers, a band he has played for since the 1940s.

• A Mint Hill fireman was injured at last Saturday’s training session. Mint Hill, along with Idlewild and Matthews fire departments, used the old Idlewild Country Club building in a controlled burn for training purposes. However, everything didn’t go according to plan.

• The Mint Hill Historical Society has another Eagle Scout building a historically accurate structure at the Carl J. Historical Village. Lacey Hampton reports.

• In sports, Rocky River High School may have lost its first game last week, but that didn’t stop the school spirit. Also, read previews of Butler, Independence and Rocky River’s games this week.

• In the opinion section, Leslie Southerland has the kindergarten blues, this week’s editorial looks at the latest black eye for Butler High School, and John Hood “believes” Bev Perdue’s excuse for not reporting travel campaign expenses.