CMS staff recommends that Mint Hill Middle gets new attendance boundary

CMS announced today the next step in a plan that will change more than 50 schools. Mint Hill Middle, along with five other schools, will see changes in its attendance zone because of overcrowding. The other four schools are Ballantyne,  Highland Creek, and Torrence Creek elementary schools and Community House Middle School. Other schools will simply close.

Here is the power point presented at the CMS work session today: BoardWorkSession 9.28.2010.

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4 comments on “CMS staff recommends that Mint Hill Middle gets new attendance boundary
  1. The BOE just voted to let staff explore and present options for MH Middle, not to initiate changes. In fact, from what I’ve heard, it is very unlikely that boundary changes will be made for Mint Hill Middle. Good news for Mint Hill students.

  2. I’m hearing that if any changes are made it’s going to be that the Matthews kids at Mint Hill Middle will be sent to Crestdale. Mint Hill kids will not be touched.

    But who can ever believe what you hear from CMS. It’s now a wait and see game as always with CMS.

  3. Based on how CMS has dealt with Mint Hill in the past, they will probably just give Mint Hill Middle to Matthews and then send all of Mint Hill to Northeast Middle.

  4. CMS came to their senses … (what?) and left the ‘official’ boundaries alone stating that students that had ‘choiced out’ of their home school Albemarle Rd Middle into Mint Hill Middle – would be required to go back to their home school next year due to that schools improved test scores. That is expected to reduce the amount of students in Mint Hill Middle by @ 100.

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