Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate supports amnesty?

Don’t know the name Dr. Mike Beitler? In a state like North Carolina that hinders involvement from third parties, it’s understandable. Beitler is the Libertarian candidate running for U.S. Senate. He will face incumbent Richard Burr and Democrat Elaine Marshall in the fall elections. Libertarians rarely win despite having a platform that for the most part takes the best ideas Republicans and Democrats have to offer. However, Libertarians tend to be ex-Republicans and are generally considered  conservative. That is why it was somewhat of a shock to see this paragraph in a recent press release:

As you know, Beitler has been polling between 6-10% in recent polls and he has taken a controversial stance on the immigration issue (in favor of amnesty and pathway to citizenship).

Even Democrats, who in general favor amnesty, do not have the guts to use the word “amnesty.” Yes, Beitler might not be known now, and he may not be on election day, but with such a controversial stance on immigration, he will raise more than a few eyebrows.

3 comments on “Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate supports amnesty?
  1. That position is one of the many reasons the Libertarian Party will continue to be an irrelevant player on the fringes of politics.
    Americans welcome legal immigration and guest workers, but we are fed up with law breakers being treated as if they deserve respect.
    They are not here to assimilate or contribute to this country.
    Their presence only contributes to lower wages for those here legally while they overload and bankrupt community hospitals and public schools.
    They also account for half of all drunk driving fatalities in NC.
    So those that support illegals being here are in favor of murder on the highways.
    It’s as simple as that.

  2. Wow, I am always shocked at the lack of knowledge surrounding the issue of immigration.
    Mike, I have put considerable time and effort into understanding all angles of the complicated immigration issue. I support you in your stand for amnesty and A PATH TO CITIZENSHIP. I know that many who rant about immigration do not understand all the underlying issued, but I for one can no longer support human beings being kidnapped from their families in the dead of night, transferred constantly between secret ICE detention centers, treated like animals, and “disappearing”. I can no longer support documentation being demanded at checkpoints across this country. I can no longer support the impossibility of “legal immigration” under the current system. It is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible for individuals from certain countries to come here legally.

    Let’s welcome immigrants, rather than hate and blame them.

  3. We do not offer enough work visas to comply with demand. This is not a simple issue and despite the spin, most who come here do so for economic reasons. You can see this by the mass exodus of workers returning to Mexico due to our recession. I do not have any problem granting a pathway because our immigration policy caused the problem and the statistics show that they (the immigrants) are often more industrious than our own citizens who often fall back on social programs likes unemployment and welfare. Political expediency tries to simplify the issue by projecting garbage like “Anchor Babies”, a completely ridiculous claim. A natural born citizen has to be 21 in order to petition a family member for citizenship and even then, it is not guaranteed. Building a wall, both concrete/steel and human would cost so much money that you should question the plausibility.

    Good job Dr. Beitler for shedding rational light on a overly simplified issue!

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