Could Mint Hill Middle School close?

CMS announced it has come up with a list of 32 schools “where change may be needed” in the 2011-2012 school year. Mint Hill Middle School is on this list. The changes could be minor or significant, including closing some of the schools. The Board of Education, which has worked on guiding principles all summer, based its decision on an index that took into account academic proficiency, academic growth, per-pupil cost and condition of the school.

After the break, read the CMS press release and see a list of the schools that could close. Others on the list? Garinger, Harding and Olympic high schools.

CMS Schools that could close.

Press Release:

Guiding principles applied in preliminary list of schools

Board of Education asks staff to continue to develop framework for improving schools

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sept. 7, 2010 – The guiding principles developed by the

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education during the summer got their first

application Sept. 7 in a work session, as CMS staff presented a list of 32 schools

where change may be needed.

Using the Board’s guiding principles, CMS staff developed an index that uses four

factors to compare schools: academic proficiency, academic growth, per-pupil cost

and condition of the school. Because the Board has made academic growth a top

priority, the index weights it more heavily than other factors.

Mike Raible, executive director of planning and project management, gave a

presentation explaining how the index was created and how it was used in generating

the list. Dr. Christopher Cobitz, executive director of state and federal programs

for the CMS Office of Accountability, provided in-depth statistical explanations of

the index.

In choosing the list of schools where change is needed, the staff also looked at

site-specific factors at schools. CMS staff emphasized that the list was the

starting point for Board discussions about changes at schools, and that the list is

very likely to change as that conversation continues.

“This is not going to be an easy process,” Dr. Gorman told employees in an email

after the meeting. “Whenever lists are made, anxieties rise. That’s understandable.

But I hope that our employees and our parents and the community at large will see

this list for what it is: a starting point for Board discussions that will resume on

Thursday and last well into the fall about our schools and how we can work together

to improve academic achievement and most wisely use the resources that we have.”

The Sept. 7 work session continued a series of Board meetings and forums on best

ways to improve Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and use resources wisely. The public

forums began in June and continued through the summer.

The Case for Continuous Improvement: A Comprehensive Review of CMS is the title of

the Board review intended to refine the guiding principles used to set policy in

such areas as transportation, student assignment, magnet lottery and other district


Staff will offer further recommendations to the Board Sept. 14. Public comment on

the recommendations will begin after Sept. 28.

To see the slide presentation from the Sept. 7 work session click


To see the full list of CMS schools and their ranking using the index, click


18 comments on “Could Mint Hill Middle School close?
  1. Mint Hill Middle is a model of success and one of the lowest cost per student in all of CMS. There is no good reason to close this school. It is new compared to others and shouold stay to educate the children of Mint Hill. CMS sure has it head screwed on backwards!

  2. I’m really underwhelmed by this report since it does not provide information needed to decipher the presentations referenced. The presentation uses numerous acronyms without footnotes or explanations. For example, what is an ADM? Is a High PCI good or bad? How do we interpret this. Additionally the second CMS link given is NOT a list of ALL schools it appears to be a list of only Elementary Schools.

  3. I think an ADM is the number of students attending the school by the 20th day of the year, not sure what it stands for though…

  4. Newbie

    If you read all the articles you will know that Mint Hill Middle is not closing. The article (Charlotte Observer today) states that there may be a reshuffle with Mint Hill due to it being at 102% capacity. The headline for the list of schools reads “Schools that could see changes CMS schools that are potential canidates for expansion,DOWNSIZING or even closing” That may mean that more Mint Hill kids will have to go to Northeast (great school) to relieve overcrowding at Mint Hill.

  5. Rumor is that the Olde Sycamore neighborhood kids will be relocated to Northeast next year and the Olde Sycamore Bain kids to Clear Creek in 2012. Olde Sycamore is upper middle class but not ‘rich’ enough to put kids in private schools…so thier kids will bring up the grades at Northeast.

    This comes from a very reliable source and you can take it for what it is worth. A direct quote from an individual connected to certain members of the school board.

  6. I’ve heard a similar rumor, but it’s not just Olde Sycamore kids involved, it would be all of the Bain kids north of Lawyers Road headed to Northeast Middle. Not sure how they’d drawn lines in regards to Clear Creek Elementary. Mint Hill residents need to be proactive on this issue and demand full disclosure and public meetings before any boundary lines are redrawn!

  7. Our children have attended both Clear Creek and Northeast middle – these comments are from experience.

    If CMS moves some of the existing kids from Clear Creek to Reedy Creek (under utilized) or JH Gunn to make room for Mint Hill kids … then Clear Creek can only get better with the support it would receive from Mint Hill. Priciple (Dr.) Ritchie is retiring from Clear Creek this Jan. (2011), so his replacement is key.

    Principle Switzer is gone from North East Middle and his (current) replacement is temporary at best. He is not as strict a disciplinarian as Switzer was (even if you can say that of Switzer).

    Let’s just hope that if CMS has to make changes that they move the Lebanon Rd area to Mint Hill Middle from North East Middle and move the ‘Mint Hill kids’ in.

    I just wish CMS would let people plan and live their lives. All the gerrymandering and social engineering can’t make EVERYONE happy. Can we as residents of Mint Hill really make a difference with the CMS train wreck? How? You can see what CMS did with Rocky River HS … made it a Title 1 school for Charlotte and screwed Mint Hill royally!

  8. So it will be like the redrawn Independence? Clearout Northeast and the majority of Mint Hill will go there? Then the people that remain at Mint Hill Middle will get the Northeast crowd that got bumped?

    Now the schools residing in Mint Hill will have little to no Mint Hill residents.

  9. Unfortunatley Mint Hill Middle is in Matthews. Northeast is “in” Mint Hill (28227 zip code, which I have recently learned does not actually mean Mint Hill). So is ALL of Mint Hill going to attend Northeast? Then where would the Charlotte kids that go to Northeast go? Back to Northridge? Would the Charlotte kids that attend Clear Creek (also a 29227 Zip) Go back to Reedy Creek Elem? Then Northeast and Clear creek would be Mint Hill Schools. Wouldn’t it be nice if that new HS was in the Mint Hill attendence loop?

  10. This means once again that Mint Hill families and neighborhoods will be split. How about sending Matthews children to Crestdale? That is in Matthews and does not have the Mint Hill name. It also is only at 74% capacity. I would just like to know why Mint Hill is continually targeted and our students get “shuffled” when we have schools in this district who should be receiving much more of the BOE’s attention.

  11. I just moved to Mint Hill. My decision was based on the schools for my kids. I am just amazed by how things can change here. I love the idea that my oldest is in Independence with all of Mint Hill. Is the school board not concerned with economic impact of rezoning schools? I am aware that Charlotte/Mint Hill is a growing system, however, is it so wrong for Mint Hill schools to be just for Mint Hill kids? If one desires to be in a specific area…work hard, save money, live beneath your means to acquire what you desire. Why are the citizens of Mint Hill not permitted to be “safe”? Could someone, from the board, explain to us new folks, why people of lower income should be sent to a higher income neighborhood. I really do not think that this will boost their learning. If the support is not at home, and the child has no desire, that all of this rerouting is null and void and a waste of taxpayer money.

  12. I believe CMS tried all of these tricks with Huntersville a while back. Such as changing the schools and pretty much slapping Huntersville in the face. Huntersville said that they would look at the option of breaking away from CMS and having their own school system. Has Mint Hill or Matthews thought about creating their own school system and just abandon the CMS Titanic.

  13. By the way this tactic of threatening to break away worked for Huntersville because they got what they wanted. I know Mint Hill has no pretty much no commercial property to help with their tax base and would be hard for them to do unless they keep the new town hall money for the schools. Matthews has good commercial tax base and could possibly pull it off.

  14. Newbie said, “Let’s just hope that if CMS has to make changes that they move the Lebanon Rd area to Mint Hill Middle from North East Middle and move the ‘Mint Hill kids’ in.”

    Excuse me, there are many kids who live in the Farmwood section off of LEBANON ROAD, clearly in Mint Hill. Are they not considered ‘Mint Hill kids’?

  15. Matthews also used a tactic with Butler High School. CMS tried to have Charlotte kids attend Butler and Matthews kids attend other schools. I believe Matthews threatened to rezone the land that Butler was on and all the other schools so they could not add trailers. This tactic worked for Matthews as well. Mint Hill just needs to start playing hard ball with CMS.

  16. FYI Mint Hill Middle is in MATTHEWS not MINT HILL. Take a look at the school address 11501 Idlewild Rd MATTHEWS NC 28105. The only schools that Mint Hill could threatened to rezone are Northeast Middle and Independence. What needs to happened is neighborhood schools and that means most of Mint Hill students would go to Northeast and then split to either Independence or Rocky River for high school.

  17. Mint Hill Middle is in Mint Hill. Northeast and Independence is in the county. Addresses are used by the Postal Service which go by the zip code. Where the physical location of the land is pretty much does not have to follow the name of the town on the address. Such as some houses in Western Union County are listed as being in Matthews. These houses are actually not in Matthews jurisdiction but use the Matthews Post Office. Probably 60 percent of houses in Mint Hill actually show Charlotte as their address but they are actually in Mint Hill.

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