CMS announced it has come up with a list of 32 schools “where change may be needed” in the 2011-2012 school year. Mint Hill Middle School is on this list. The changes could be minor or significant, including closing some of the schools. The Board of Education, which has worked on guiding principles all summer, based its decision on an index that took into account academic proficiency, academic growth, per-pupil cost and condition of the school.

After the break, read the CMS press release and see a list of the schools that could close. Others on the list? Garinger, Harding and Olympic high schools.

CMS Schools that could close.

Press Release:

Guiding principles applied in preliminary list of schools

Board of Education asks staff to continue to develop framework for improving schools

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sept. 7, 2010 – The guiding principles developed by the

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education during the summer got their first

application Sept. 7 in a work session, as CMS staff presented a list of 32 schools

where change may be needed.

Using the Board’s guiding principles, CMS staff developed an index that uses four

factors to compare schools: academic proficiency, academic growth, per-pupil cost

and condition of the school. Because the Board has made academic growth a top

priority, the index weights it more heavily than other factors.

Mike Raible, executive director of planning and project management, gave a

presentation explaining how the index was created and how it was used in generating

the list. Dr. Christopher Cobitz, executive director of state and federal programs

for the CMS Office of Accountability, provided in-depth statistical explanations of

the index.

In choosing the list of schools where change is needed, the staff also looked at

site-specific factors at schools. CMS staff emphasized that the list was the

starting point for Board discussions about changes at schools, and that the list is

very likely to change as that conversation continues.

“This is not going to be an easy process,” Dr. Gorman told employees in an email

after the meeting. “Whenever lists are made, anxieties rise. That’s understandable.

But I hope that our employees and our parents and the community at large will see

this list for what it is: a starting point for Board discussions that will resume on

Thursday and last well into the fall about our schools and how we can work together

to improve academic achievement and most wisely use the resources that we have.”

The Sept. 7 work session continued a series of Board meetings and forums on best

ways to improve Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and use resources wisely. The public

forums began in June and continued through the summer.

The Case for Continuous Improvement: A Comprehensive Review of CMS is the title of

the Board review intended to refine the guiding principles used to set policy in

such areas as transportation, student assignment, magnet lottery and other district


Staff will offer further recommendations to the Board Sept. 14. Public comment on

the recommendations will begin after Sept. 28.

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To see the full list of CMS schools and their ranking using the index, click