Mayor Ted Biggers assured the town at last night’s Board of Commissioners meeting that Mint Hill Middle School will not close. He talked to officials at CMS and was told the school is on the list of 37 schools that will see change, but only because Mint Hill Middle is overcrowded. He added that there is a threat that some of the students at Mint Hill Middles School could be sent to other schools, and that CMS could have a “heck of a battle” on its hands with the town of Mint Hill.

CMS reported in a press release yesterday that shifting students from school to school—especially those classified as homeless—results in lower performance by those students.

Several of the schools on the list have large homeless populations and Board members discussed the challenges inherent in successfully educating these students, as well as other challenges present at the schools.
Poverty, homelessness and frequent school changes are present at many schools on the list, and Board Chairman Eric C. Davis said that educating poor and homeless students is the particular challenge facing CMS.
“This is the crux of the issue we’re dealing with,” he said, characterizing it as “a test of our will.”

The following video is a report from WCNC on shuffling students. They speak with a parent who was affected by the reassignment plan that shifted Mint Hill students from Butler to Independence.