Stallings Police: should they go or should they stay?

Stallings Mayor Lynda Paxton gave a presentation last week to the Stallings Town Council laying out the case to either close the police department, or scale it back. Rumors have circulated that she is doing this because some on the police force did not support her for reelection. She denies it, but did note to WCNC that there is “distrust” between herself and some in the police department.

If you drive around Stevens Mill Shopping Center, you probably notice the presence of SPD. But is the low crime rate in Stallings because of the presence of the police, or is because, well, there’s just not that much crime to begin with? That is what the Stallings Town Council will have to wrestle with in the coming weeks. Why does this affect Mint Hill? The Bridges at Mint Hill mall, when it is built, will be adjacent to Stallings. Here’s WCNC’s take.

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4 comments on “Stallings Police: should they go or should they stay?
  1. Stallings Mayor is a Loon. She is one of the ones that tried to stop the Bridges Of Mint Hill because it was not going to be built in Stallings. That and she has not like the Police Department since they started, it is personal for her.

  2. get real i’ve lived here all my life as has my family including my grtgrt grnd parents and guess what we have always been safe and low crime it is a ridiculus waste of our money we didnt need them then and dont now This is an economic depression wake up union county police have always done a wonderful job and they still will what do stallings police do anyway if something real actualy happens its union county that handles it
    Stallings police dept was never needed its just another way to tax the working class

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