Former Butler QB Charest transfers to Catawba

Jacob rewrote the record books while at Butler.

After a couple of years at the University of Illinois, Jacob Charest is coming closer to home. The former Butler star and highly recruited quarterback announced he was transferring from the Illini to Catawba College in Salisbury. He’ll join his younger brother Nate who begins his freshman year at Catawba. Jacob probably won’t start at QB this year, but when he does, and gets a chance to hook up with wide receiver Nate, The two will have a potent combination that could have them challenging for at least a conference title.


How did it go for Stallings Mayor Paxton last night? Not so good

Stallings Mayor Lynda Paxton might have been barking up the wrong tree when she raised concerns about the cost of the Stallings Police Department. She blames the media for blowing it out of proportion. The Police chief, meanwhile, was “humbled” by the support of the town’s citizens for the department. Guess who is going to win this battle?


Stallings Police: should they go or should they stay?

Stallings Mayor Lynda Paxton gave a presentation last week to the Stallings Town Council laying out the case to either close the police department, or scale it back. Rumors have circulated that she is doing this because some on the police force did not support her for reelection. She denies it, but did note to WCNC that there is “distrust” between herself and some in the police department.

If you drive around Stevens Mill Shopping Center, you probably notice the presence of SPD. But is the low crime rate in Stallings because of the presence of the police, or is because, well, there’s just not that much crime to begin with? That is what the Stallings Town Council will have to wrestle with in the coming weeks. Why does this affect Mint Hill? The Bridges at Mint Hill mall, when it is built, will be adjacent to Stallings. Here’s WCNC’s take.


Explore the Mint Hill Farmer’s Market this weekend

There have been many great Farmer’s Markets which have popped up around the Charlotte region in recent years. But have you been to Mint Hill’s Farmer’s Market located at the Historical Society? August is a busy time at the Market–in addition to getting great deals on everything from fresh veggies and flowers, to eggs, to organic, locally raised beef, the Historical Society will have several programs in August. Check out the flier below for the schedule. Aside from all the great produce, you might also want to tour the Carl J. McEwen Historic Village where the MHHS has restored buildings such as a vintage doctor’s office, schoolhouse, a general store and more. It’s not a stretch to say there are few historical villages of its kind anywhere in North Carolina.


A map of Madness: What the festival will look like at its new location

The Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce moved the Mint Hill Festival this year from Fairview Park to the town square (Lawyers and Hwy. 51). This photo, from Dana at town hall, shows where everything will go. The festival will take place the weekend of September 24. In this week’s Mint Hill Times, find out why Presbyterian, one of the main sponsors, pulled its funding, then over the weekend recommitted. (Want to see a larger picture? Click here:  Madness 2010.)


There’s one for that, too: Myrick launches IPhone app

Rep. Sue Myrick announced today the launching of her very own IPhone app. The app synchronizes with her website content and provides instant access to videos, updates on current legislation, events and tour information. Constituents can also contact Rep. Myrick directly using the app.

Myrick is one of the first Congressmen to have a mobile phone application. Yesterday, Congressman Chaka Fattah became the first Democrat with an app in the House.

For Myrick, it’s another way to further her reputation as an accessible Congressman.

“It’s always been a priority to keep in touch with constituents, and the iPhone app is a great way to communicate,” Rep. Myrick said. Continue reading