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The Mint Hill Board of Commissioners voted 4-1 last night to authorize Town Manager Brian Welch to finalize the purchase of 1.74 acres in Mint Hill Village for the new town hall. The sale of the land was held up because of an environmental report during the due diligence period that found a small amount of fill soil. Money was placed into an escrow account to replace some of the dirt.
The land cost the town $675,000 which was less than the $750,000 appraised value. Welch said Architect David Creech will now begin the drawings and that ground could be broken by the end of the year.
Commissioner Tina Ross voted against the purchase of the land. She said her vote should not have come as a surprise, adding that the town already owned 20 acres of land they could have built on. Mayor Ted Biggers has previously said that because most the infrastructure was already in place at Mint Hill Village, the town could save money. Read more in next week’s Mint Hill Times.

The town hall will be located at the apex of the traffic circle in the above map. The .1 acre in the traffic circle was also purchased by the town for a fountain or sculpture