How did it go for Stallings Mayor Paxton last night? Not so good

Stallings Mayor Lynda Paxton might have been barking up the wrong tree when she raised concerns about the cost of the Stallings Police Department. She blames the media for blowing it out of proportion. The Police chief, meanwhile, was “humbled” by the support of the town’s citizens for the department. Guess who is going to win this battle?

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3 comments on “How did it go for Stallings Mayor Paxton last night? Not so good
  1. This isn’t the first time that the mayor has tried to get rid of the police dept, its just the first time it has gone this far. She has a serious problem with the police for some reason. Hopefully the voters will correct that issue the next time she comes up for election.

  2. Strange how some people are confused that exploring the way police services are delivered (contract vs. employees) is somehow ‘anti-police’. Police will provide services regardless of the financial method.

  3. True, but the difference is waiting 30 minutes for a cop to show up compared to 5 minutes.

    You never think thats a problem until its your house that someone is breaking into and its your family that is in danger.

    Then you want to bitch and whine because it took them so long to respond.

    And this mayor has been very hostile toward the police department in the past. Its about her whole attitude, not how they are paid.

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