Goodall wants RttT dollars for charter schools

Eddie Goodall, outgoing state senator for the Mint Hill area and director of the North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools, announced today that he is glad NC received the federal Race to the Top dollars. However, Goodall hopes charter schools see some of that money.

“Many charters, like our district counterparts, are seeing their budgets stretched and deserve their share of the award. With North Carolina’s looming fiscal deficit and knowing our state’s taxpayers have to pay the federal taxes to fund Race to the Top, naturally we want our share of the $4.35 billion program.”

The Obama Administration created the Race to the Top program to award states federal dollars based on the level of innovation. The cornerstone of this innovation was the advancement of charter schools.
North Carolina did not raise its cap on charter schools, but did pass legislation that would create “charter-lite” schools, much to Goodall’s chagrin. We will know this Wednesday just what about NC impressed the judges for RttT dollars. Said Goodall:

“We will look at the Reviewers’ comments and scoring on the charter section with interest since the state has done nothing to expand successful public charter schools. The General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1201, Cooperative & Innovative High Schools, which only created “charter lite” high schools, a far cry from the charter school improvements we thought the Obama Administration was calling for.”

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7 comments on “Goodall wants RttT dollars for charter schools
  1. The two charter schools we have cause a headache with their traffic situation. The town wants to spend a minimum of 8 million on a town hall for the 8 people who work in it. Why not take that 8 million and fix the traffic congestion these two schools create and benefit 100s of people rather than just 8.

  2. Tired of Traffic – if you don’t like the traffic, take another route. Besides, Queens Grant High is technically in Matthews. Geesh, some people just aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about.

  3. Queens Grant High is in Mint Hill OllieO. Look at polaris or GIS or the town the limit sign. Also if you live in that fire district I guess a fire truck isnt coming for awhile because their driveway is blocked and traffic is at a stand still during traffic time

  4. Tired of Traffic – The address of Queens Grant High School is Matthews. Check out their website. And so now you’re saying all the people in traffic wouldn’t find a way to move over for emergency and fire personnel? I know many of those people and I highly doubt it. And I do live in that fire district.

  5. The mailing address might say Matthews, but they are definitely in the town limits of Mint Hill. A lot of people who live along Idlewild Road have Matthews mailing addresses. It’s the same for Eastern Union County—you might live at the Emerald Lake Golf subdivision, but your mailing address will say Matthews.

  6. It is complete gridlock with ditches on both sides of the road. I know the people would move over if they could but being a two lane road with little shoulder where are they to go.

  7. I am just saying that more planning should be considered before throwing it all together the last minute. If problems happen because of the new addition make corrections it is not that hard. The first queens grant has been there for years and has always had bad traffic. In all of those years nothing has been done to fix the problem. I would say you have a town hall where 8 people work at, why do you need a bigger one with that low number of employees. I would just use tax money that would help many instead of a select few.

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