6 comments on “Fox Charlotte visits Rocky River on the first day of school
  1. Why waste any space on this school since not one Mint Hill resident goes there? There is nothing most folks from Mint Hill care about less than this school.

  2. That’s not true. Perhaps these kids don’t technically reside in the town limits, but these kids still went to school with kids from Mint Hill, played with them in rec associations, etc.

    There are many in Mint Hill who care about this school and want it to succeed just as we do Independence.

  3. CMS & the BOE made their decision to give RRHS to the inner city of Charlotte not Mint Hill. CMS & the BOE lied to us from the beginning, starting in 2007 with the bond package. Its time for Mint Hill to support our kids and our community school Independence. We need to get the 2007 bonds passed for our kids. RRHS can get their own support from their parents in Charlotte not Mint Hill.

    Be careful what you ask CMS for. CMS will be more than happy to split up our (Mint Hill) kids and send a 1/3 of them to RRHS. That was their plan from the beginning of the school battle. I know we didn’t get the new school that we all wanted but believe it or not the best thing that could happen to us did. We are going to school together as a community.

  4. “There are many in Mint Hill who care about this school and want it to succeed just as we do Independence”

    I don’t know one person in Mint Hill that cares about RRHS and I know quite a few people. I do agree with Scotsman in that we did indeed end up with the best situation that was actually attainable.

  5. All you have to do is put a Queens Grant name on the new high school and the town will give them whatever they want.

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