[singlepic id=138 w=320 h=240 float=center]The Butler Bulldogs will be without its much heralded quarterback this season. Stacy LeMay, father of Christian, sent a press release to media organizations Monday night declaring their intentions of foregoing his senior season and instead concentrating on attending the University of Georgia. LeMay will be schooled privately and will work with trainers to get ready to compete for the starting QB job at Georgia. Read Stacy LeMay’s press release after the break.

We first want to thank all of those who have supported our family during this time. The emails, letters, text and words of encouragement have been life fueling from supporters of Christian both locally and nationwide. Specifically we want to thank UGA 2011 class recruits Christian Conley and Ray Drew for standing with our son and contacting him daily and Panthers wide receicver Kenny Moore and quarterback training coach Steve Calhoun for working him out over the summer. Also, The Sporting News and all the other recruiting networks that maintained Christian’s national ranking on their boards.

As a result of Christian’s youthful infraction (that does not involve drugs weapons or any form of violence), Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools imposed a severe punishment on our son in which we appealed to their highest form of due process. On July 26, the CMS board maintained the merciless ruling of a 40-day reassignment to an alternative school, “to possibly be reviewed in 30 days.” [That would have been] in addition to a four-day suspension already served. The ruling also states that after completing the reassignment he could “possibly” return to Butler. Meaning it is “possible” that he could NOT return to Butler. Adhering to such a severe ruling would not only prevent Christian from playing until November due to the ten day conditioning rule (if he returned to Butler), but it would also hinder him academically as the alternative school does not provide the required classes needed for him to finish in the fall of 2010 and move on to the University of Georgia in January.

Given the unwillingness of CMS to apply a more reasonable consequence for such a youthful infraction, as disheartening as it is, we must make the decision to move on and focus Christian’s attention to preparing for enrollment at the University of Georgia in January. Although rumors suggest that Christian would likely transfer to one of the excellent programs such as S.C. Byrnes, South Point, Greensboro Dudley and even Victory Christian Center, Christian could not imagine playing his senior season at any place other then with his brother Uriah and his teammates at Butler High School.

Therefore, having come to resolve that following the CMS consequence would not accomplish “student achievement” for Christian. We as a family have concluded that he will forgo his senior football season and focus on his preparation to attend the University of Georgia. We are quite honored that other colleges continue to show strong interest in Christian attending their school. However, we have continued healthy communications with UGA coaches and the commitment remains the same on both ends.

Christian will now prepare himself for the next season of his life as he takes this time to become stronger spiritually, academically and physically. With the help of fitness trainer Andy Hendel of CrossFit Charlotte and quarterback coach Steve Calhoun of Armed and Dangerous, Christian will certainly be prepared to arrive in Georgia this spring ready to compete. We are fully confident that his best days are still yet to come. GO BULLDOGS!!!

The LeMay Family