A map of Madness: What the festival will look like at its new location

The Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce moved the Mint Hill Festival this year from Fairview Park to the town square (Lawyers and Hwy. 51). This photo, from Dana at town hall, shows where everything will go. The festival will take place the weekend of September 24. In this week’s Mint Hill Times, find out why Presbyterian, one of the main sponsors, pulled its funding, then over the weekend recommitted. (Want to see a larger picture? Click here:  Madness 2010.)

8 comments on “A map of Madness: What the festival will look like at its new location
  1. Why this is remarkable.

    In an already poor market they have found a way to make sure that this event is so poorly attended that it will have no choice but to funded by our tax dollars or be canceled.

    This just shows you that the leaders in our community know how to make sure we remain the small little burg we are and never grow more than what we are until we become a bunch of starter homes in the near future taken over by East Charlotte.

  2. Tom,

    Why do you think this will be poorly attended? I think the new location will make it more accessible and convenient for families. Not sure why you think this is a problem?

  3. Parking & traffic seem to be the only real issues to me… Seems like everyone is going to have to park across the way in the old HT parking lot, then deal with crossing 6-8 lanes of traffic to get to the location. (4 lanes of 51, 2-4 lanes of Lawyers rd)

    Aside from those two issues, everything else about this change is positive! Getting people closer to the center of town, and the new shops, businesses etc, can only be a good thing!

    Kudos – great idea!

    Mark H

  4. Tom is right. He seems to have experience in community involement and promotions. The 15 to 20 business owners that give more than 70 hours each to Madness welcome its waning. Is wonderful that from 18,000 citizens a few volunteer to make this happen for the last 25 years.

  5. I thought the town was above 25,000 people now. Parking will be a problem due to some of the businesses closing off half their lots to save room for their customers. If it does rain at least it will be concrete instead of the mud. However it does look so much smaller here than it was at the park but I guess less people are interested or out of business now.

  6. You may be right about population. The 18,000 number matches what Town of Mint Hill website reflects. Parking will be an issue. However there was much complaining by citizens when charity groups collected a small fee for handling parking at the park. So this year citizens should be happy to not have to shell out $ 3 per car. Just trying to please the people. Go to Matthews Alive and see how many blocks you will walk from a parking space this week end. We tried to make it as easy for Mint Hill as possible and yet people are unhappy.

  7. Madness is a self funded event put on by the local Chamber. If anyone would like to help please STEP UP we don’t get paid, meetings start right after this event and you can help plan next years. The questions will be the same, where to have, who should be in the event, where will they park, and how will we pay for it WITHOUT Mint Hill’s tax dollars. AND of course make EVERYONE happy.

  8. what about shuttle bus services using queens grant and the old keziah furniture store parking lots. If you wanna ride the bus it will be 3 bucks for charity.

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