Did the Gulf oil disaster hurt local BP stations?

That’s the question posed by the Mecklenburg Times. According to Chad Earp, owner of three Earp’s BP stations, his stores in Mint Hill haven’t seen that much of a decrease in sales.

“Our loyal customers know that we weren’t the cause of this spill and they understand these individually owned and operated store owners take the front of the criticism,” said Earp, a third-generation gas station owner who took after his father and grandfather. “We are just as upset about the spill as the motoring public is. I hope things are looking up for BP. They have a good name and reputation, and we do our best to try to maintain it for them.”


Former Butler QB Charest transfers to Catawba

Jacob rewrote the record books while at Butler.

After a couple of years at the University of Illinois, Jacob Charest is coming closer to home. The former Butler star and highly recruited quarterback announced he was transferring from the Illini to Catawba College in Salisbury. He’ll join his younger brother Nate who begins his freshman year at Catawba. Jacob probably won’t start at QB this year, but when he does, and gets a chance to hook up with wide receiver Nate, The two will have a potent combination that could have them challenging for at least a conference title.


How did it go for Stallings Mayor Paxton last night? Not so good

Stallings Mayor Lynda Paxton might have been barking up the wrong tree when she raised concerns about the cost of the Stallings Police Department. She blames the media for blowing it out of proportion. The Police chief, meanwhile, was “humbled” by the support of the town’s citizens for the department. Guess who is going to win this battle?