US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) has always been one of the most vocal critics of illegal immigrants in this country. So it should not come as a surprise that last week she disagreed with Obama’s speech on immigration.

This week’s Mint Hill Times editorial calls for a practical solution to the immigration problem that is more akin to what Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch wants: Set up a program that will allow the current illegals some level of legal status, and then restructure immigration laws so that we never again have this problem. Who else is on board with this idea? In addition to Murdoch and Obama, Michael Bloomberg (and many other CEOS and Mayors), George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Trent Lott, Ken Mehlman, former chairman, Republican National Committee, and Republican strategist Michael Murphy.

Myrick is correct. We are a nation of laws. But we are also a nation that recognizes when a law doesn’t work or is antiquated like the current immigration law. Here’s her full statement on Obama’s speech last week following President Obama’s immigration speech this morning at American University:

“The Commander in Chief is supposed to protect America and enforce the laws on our books.  Instead, President Obama advocates implementation of a policy that rewards those who’ve broken our immigration laws.  His suggestion that securing the border is unworkable is an astonishingly defeatist statement.  Simply put, his ‘path to citizenship’ is amnesty.  Blurring the line between ‘immigrant’ and ‘illegal immigrant’ clearly indicates the President’s desire to put those who support the enforcement of US immigration law on the defensive.  The United States is undoubtedly a nation of immigrants.  Unfortunately, it seems the President has forgotten that we are also a nation that respects the rule of law.”