Myrick, along with 179 of her colleagues, sent a letter to House and Senate leaders stating opposition to an amendment that would allow abortions on U.S. Military Bases. There are two sides to this: Federal law says that abortion is a woman’s choice. However, should taxpayers have to foot the bill for something they find morally wrong? Not according to Myrick and many others.

The amendment, offered to the FY 2011 Defense Authorization Act by Senator Roland Burris (IL), would overturn statute that has been in place since 1996. Current statute, signed into law by President Bill Clinton, prevents DOD medical facilities from being used to perform abortions.

“Military treatment centers — which are dedicated to healing and caring for life — should not facilitate the taking of the most innocent human life: a child in the womb. Women who wish to obtain abortions are already able to travel off base for an abortion and may travel to another country on a military flight on a ‘space available’ basis,” the Members wrote in their letter.

The FY 2011 Defense Authorization bill passed in the House without this amendment on May 28, 2010. It is currently being considered in the Senate.