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• Mint Hill Stingers traveled to the state Little League Championship this week. Lacey Hampton visited the team at their send-off breakfast last week at Jimmie’s Restaurant.

• Mint Hill’s Library Committee met Tuesday to discuss the future of the library here in town. Over the next six months, the committee will come up with a plan for the town to take over the library if Mecklenburg County cannot fund it next fiscal year. Meanwhile, recruitment of volunteers in Mint Hill is underway.

• More famous names in Mint Hill: Rustee Lane profiles Roger Moore, Charlie Brown and James Dean. Watch this week for a real celebrity with close Mint Hill ties. Hint: She gets physical.

• Also, Dennis the Menace cartoon from Mint Hill’s own Marcus Hamilton, Leslie Southerland writes about being I-Crazy, and this week’s editorial touches on SC politics, Mint Hill’s lead role in recent county issues, and the plethora of fresh veggies around town.

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