Mayor Ted Biggers said yesterday he told Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Director Charles Brown that he will recommend to the Mint Hill Board of Commissioners tonight to give the library a one time payment of $175,000 to help keep the libraries open. However, it would mean that Mint Hill’s library would  have to stay open. If not, then the deal is off,  Biggers said.
The other towns in Mecklenburg County are also in the process of deciding how much to give to the library. Matthews  might be willing to give $175,000, although they are asking for the money to be repaid by the library. The would also suspend lease payment on its library.
Davidson Mayor John Woods said his town is willing to donate in-kind funds of $40,000, the amount the library pays to lease the library building in Davidson. He said Davidson will try to keep its library open even if it means the town has to take it over for a time.

“It would be our intent to keep the library as part of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system. And when the crisis is concluded at some time, it would return to county funding,” he said.

Charlotte has said it will give $1.4 million, or 70 percent of what they were asked by the library to give. Biggers said he followed Charlotte’s lead by offering 70 percent of the $250,000 the library was asking for.