Eddie Goodall, the outgoing N.C. senator who represents the Mint Hill area, is being questioned by the Greensboro News and Record about his role as Senator and President of the North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Goodall offered an amendment yesterday that calls for a lifting of the 100 limit of charter schools in North Carolina. The measure, like past years, was tabled—or killed, in layman’s terms.

Goodall is not running again so that he can focus on his role as President of the charter school alliance. Mark Binker of the News and Record asked Goodall if there was a conflict of interest between his role as lobbyist for charter schools and senator.

“I took the ethics rules there and looked at them very closely, I can’t really recall some of the language there, but clearly I don’t. It wouldn’t impact my compensation. I’m doing the same thing I’ve done for six years in terms of charter schools, everyone knows that. If you look at those rules…clearly to me, it doesn’t present a conflict.”