Butler quarterback Christian LeMay will know in the next two weeks the outcome of a disciplinary hearing with CMS officials today for breaking the CMS “code of conduct.” The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that LeMay’s father said via text message:

…the elder LeMay said “the hearing went well” and said his son is “taking the high road and handling adversity as classy as he has always been known to.” He said his son had to “duck cameras” to attend the hearing.

LeMay’s family released a statement Monday thanking the community for support, and promising LeMay will get back on track:

We would first like to thank so many of you who have shown your love, support and rendered prayers for our family at this time. The overwhelming outpouring of community affection has been tremendous. Christian is the oldest of our four children and as parents we could not have asked nor designed a more special young man then himself. He has for 17 years lead by example and done remarkably well with the responsibility. We truly believe that children are a joy and one of the most precious gifts we could ever receive from God.

“Yet sometimes, despite all the teachings and training there comes a time in every individuals life in which they are faced with choices. In a perfect world our children would always make right choices. However, reality says sometimes they may make a decision that is unwise and youthful in nature. Recently, Christian, in a momentary lapse in good judgment, yielded to an out-of-character decision that even he is not proud of. Like many of us, we are sure, he will look back on this time with regret as well as having gained a valuable learned experience.

“For seventeen years Christian has been a model child, exemplary student and a wonderful asset to his community. He has been giving, encouraging others, loving and honoring to all who know him. We are standing with our Son to provide love and support and to insure his successful progression from this point. We would also like to thank CMS for their student care and academic concern towards this matter. We trust that Christian will emerge stronger from this experience and regain the faith of all his supporters. We thank all of you for your continued prayers and are believing for the best.”


The LeMay Family