Charlotte looks to annex JH Gunn and Wilgrove Airport

A history of annexation by Charlotte.

If you live in the area of Mecklenburg County that’s northeast of Mint Hill, you could be joining the big city. That’s because Charlotte is currently in the process of annexing the Camp Stewart area–the neighborhoods around JH Gunn Elementary School and Wilgrove Airport. Charlotte is also looking into annexing two other areas on the west side of the county. A Public Informational Meeting will be held August 5, 2010,  Public Hearings are August 23, 2010 and the passing of the Annexation Ordinances could take place November 22, 2010. The  Ordinance becomes effective June 30, 2011.

One comment on “Charlotte looks to annex JH Gunn and Wilgrove Airport
  1. I hope this does not happen. We have used Wilgrove Airport since the early 80′s. My husband, older son and myself all took lessons at Wigrove and we use the facility often. My youngest son is almost finished with his flight school and should have his pilot license this summer.

    Developers have built neighborhoods around the Airport and I fear that if Charlotte annexes this property they will work to shut Wilgrove down. I also would hate to see the the price of plane rentals, hangers, gas, and flight lessons increase to cover the higher property tax. Charlotte is only interested in getting more taxes. This is an established area and being a part of Charlotte offers little to no benefits to the area. I hope people will fight Charlotte. Why can’t Charlotte leave small towns alone. People chose to live in these areas to get out of Charlotte.

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