Charlotte looks to annex JH Gunn and Wilgrove Airport

A history of annexation by Charlotte.

If you live in the area of Mecklenburg County that’s northeast of Mint Hill, you could be joining the big city. That’s because Charlotte is currently in the process of annexing the Camp Stewart area–the neighborhoods around JH Gunn Elementary School and Wilgrove Airport. Charlotte is also looking into annexing two other areas on the west side of the county. A Public Informational Meeting will be held August 5, 2010,  Public Hearings are August 23, 2010 and the passing of the Annexation Ordinances could take place November 22, 2010. The  Ordinance becomes effective June 30, 2011.


CMS makes changes to its work-session format

Based on the input received from the first two community forums, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education’s focus in its third work session will be on the guiding principles. That work session, scheduled for June 28, will start with a review of the extensive public comments received at the first three public forums. The Board will explore how the guiding principles affect magnets, transportation and facilities. The Board will discuss items for a new set of guiding principles but will not produce a first draft until after hearing public input in the June 28 forum. Continue reading


Video of reactions from around the world as the US beats Algeria in the World Cup

Wednesday was not just an average day at the Mint Hill Times’ offices. Below us, at Hawthorne’s Pizza, a crowd of about 10 watched the World Cup match between the US and Algeria. With four minutes left, Landon Donovan nailed a miraculous shot that enabled the US to move the next round of the Cup. The people in Hawthorne’s erupted in jubilation, as did many other soccer fans across the country and around the world. Here’s a sample of the reactions after Donovan hit the winning goal. Warning: You may feel patriotic after watching this video.