‘They Took My Farm’ man in Matthews gets more publicity

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You know the sign. It’s along Matthews-Mint Hill Road in Matthews, just before Idlewild Road. It’s Neubert Purser, the man who claims Matthews stole his farm so they could build a park. The Mint Hill Times, as well as Matthews and Charlotte newspapers have cover this story. And now the Carolina Journal has gotten wind. Purser has always maintained his land was wrongfully taken from him by the Town of Matthews.  Matthews actually took the land legally by utilizing eminent domain laws. But unlike others whose land was taken via eminent domain, Purser got more than his fair share in the deal. Not only did he get above market value for the land–more than $4.25 million– he also gets to stay there tax-free and rent-free as long as he lives. How many of us wouldn’t take that deal? Still, Purser, like others who have had land taken for the public benefit, will always feel like they were cheated. Hence, the red lettered sign viewed by thousands of cars a day on Matthews-Mint Hill Road.

2 comments on “‘They Took My Farm’ man in Matthews gets more publicity
  1. Legal or not, it is un-American to’TAKE ‘ a person’s property. If Mr. Purser didn’t want a park on his farm and he needed not the money at this stage of his life, it seems, to me that the choice should have been his, not any level of government.

    To answer your question, “How many of us would like to live rent free,tax free for the balance of their life?” Evidently Mr. Purser did not care about that, The pure enjoyment of knowing the land he farmed for all those years was still his was THE enjoyment he worked for all his life. Additionally, If Mr. Purser needed or wanted the money -as opposed to his farm, it should have been his choice to sell it, not the government’s choice to take it, at any price.

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