Five suspects arrested for Mint Hill armed robbery

Mint Hill Police took into custody five suspects for a robbery at the Victoria Park Apartments. The men were turned over to MHPD by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department on May 1.
Mint Hill officers spoke with the victim who stated that he was outside on a porch when three black males approached him. One of the males had a handgun, put the handgun to the victims head and demanded money. They took the victims wallet, cell phone, cash and cigarettes. The victim stated that he saw the three black males get into an gray Audi and drive out of the apartment complex. The victim and a witness followed the Audi into Charlotte while talking with 911.

The five men were arrested and charged with Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon and Conspiracy Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon.

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6 comments on “Five suspects arrested for Mint Hill armed robbery
  1. And guess what Newbie, they will be voters someday and their votes will count as much as yours, mine, and every law abiding citizen in this country.

  2. Well actually these armed robbery charges will be plead down to a misdemeanor larceny charge in our Meck County Courts.

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