Most violations of the new ban on smoking in bars? It’s right here in Mint Hill

Sharky’s, on Fairview Road, has had the most violations of the new smoking ban which recently went into effect. (A list of smoking violations in Mecklenburg County thus far.) According to WSOC TV:

Records show Sharky’s Bar and Billiards in Mint Hill has the most violations so far. Friday, manager Scott Boles said they’ve cracked down on smokers.“We put [smokers] straight out the door,” Boles said. “It’s not going to happen.” Yet, Boles said he’s still angry about the ban, saying his bar is a private club and should be allowed to let members smoke if they want. “I just feel it’s our choice in what we want to do,” he said.


Mint Hill resident a big winner in the lottery

It doesn’t happen often, but this week, the North Carolina Education Lottery announced that a resident of Mint Hill took home a nice chunk of change from playing the lottery. Sunny Bell won $50,000 in the Match and Win Instant Scratch-off game.