Perhaps one of the most contentious political races in years is the contest for Republican primary in Senate District 35. Tommy Tucker is taking on former Senator Fern Shubert, and both have taken off the gloves in the last few days before the primary May 4. Shubert claims Tucker is misrepresenting her record, sending a mailer that claimed Shubert was ineffective because she sponsored or cosponsored 100 bills and none of them passed during her tenure as Senator. Shubert points out that 100 bills is a stretch because it can be counted in several different ways. Some current and former legislators have come out in support of Shubert. Hugh Webster, a former NC SenatorĀ  for 12 years representing Alamance and Caswell Counties, sent this letter to us. (The Mint Hill Times had already gone to print, so it wasn’t in this week’s edition.)

I did not know the person opposing Former Senator Fern Shubert in the upcoming Republican primary to represent Union County in the North Carolina Senate. However I recently saw some of the outrageously misleading fliers her opponent put out against Senator Shubert and I am shocked that this trash is coming from a self-proclaimed republican. His ads say more about himself than they do about Shubert. I served in the legislature with Fern and she is absolutely honest, hard working, conservative, brilliant, ever loyal to constituency. She NEVER supported a tax increase. She stood strong against crooks (like Jim Black for example). As to her accuser, my Dad would say, “only a snake could wiggle like that.” Look for the truth. Find it in Fern Shubert.