JLF reaction to Perdue’s proposed budget: Not as fiscally conservative as advertised

As expected, The John Locke Foundation says Gov. Perdue’s budget cuts do not go far enough:

Gov. Beverly Perdue’s new budget plan spends more than she’s willing to promote, and it includes ideas for boosting the North Carolina economy that are likely to have little positive impact. That’s the initial reaction from the John Locke Foundation’s top budget expert.

Said Joseph Coletti, Director of Health and Fiscal Policy Studies for the John Locke Foundation:

“The governor’s budget is not nearly as fiscally conservative as advertised. Her own budget director admitted that Medicaid spending, listed as a large cut, actually has higher spending in this budget. Add in the federal money from the original stimulus bill and the state budget reaches $20.8 billion in General Fund spending.

“An example of the smoke and mirrors in the budget is the governor’s setting aside $100 million in the Savings Reserve Account, the states rainy day fund. This looks like a fiscally prudent idea, but $85 million of that is set aside to offset the temporary repeal of the death tax this year, before it returns in 2011.

“Gov. Perdue highlighted a number of targeted incentives that help North Carolina’s ranking in Site Selection magazine, but do little actually to help entrepreneurs and businesses in the state.

“The entire budget debate illustrates the problems we brought up last year in taking the federal stimulus money. If it goes to pay for recurring expenses, it just delays the day of reckoning. Regardless of how it is used, there are a number of strings attached to those dollars.”


Gov. Perdue cuts $1 billion in proposed budget

Photo by Justin Ruckman

Gov. Bev Perdue released her proposed budget for the next fiscal year, and surprise, there is $1 billion in cuts to cover more than a billion dollar deficit. Most of these cuts came from eliminating 600 state jobs, reduced spending by 6-7 percent to agencies and reducing education entities by 4 percent. Read the press release after the break. Continue reading


Gas prices up 73 cents in the last year

The website CharlotteGasPrices.com is reporting that gas prices today are 73.9 cents per gallon higher than the same day one year ago and are 2.5 cents per gallon lower than a month ago. The average retail gasoline prices in Charlotte have fallen 4.3 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $2.74/g today. This compares with the national average that has stayed flat, moving just 1.1 cents per gallon in the last week to $2.87/g.


Mint Hill Police need your help finding break-in suspect

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On April 08, 2010 at approximately 10:40 am Mint Hill Officers responded to a breaking and entering at a residence located at 14401 Cabarrus Road. The victim was gone for approximately forty minutes. When he returned home, he found his residence had been ransacked. However, the victim did have surveillance cameras set up around his property. One of the cameras captured a white male, stocky build, dressed completely in camouflage clothing with a book bag strapped to his back. The suspect came from a wooded area, jumped a fence and pried open the victim’s kitchen window and then entered the residence. Several pieces of jewelry, as well as a laptop computer and a digital camera, were taken.

The victim is offering a cash reward for anyone who has information on the possible suspect that leads to an arrest and conviction.

Anyone with any information is to contact Det. Sgt. Moberg of the Mint Hill Police Department, (704) 545-1085.


No change in the appraisal for town hall land

The Town of Mint Hill was not as pleased as it thought it would be when it got its appraisal for the land at Mint Hill Village where they hope to build the new town hall. The value, done by Integra Realty Resources in March, came in at $750,000—the same value from a few years ago before the current economic crisis. Town Manager Brian Welch said the town will seek a second opinion.
“Because of the size and enormity of a project that will affect the town for 20 or more years, we thought we should get a second opinion before formal negotiations.” Take a look at the PDF of the appraisal by clicking Office Site and Limited Utility Land.