What’s one difference between doing business in Mint Hill and Matthews? Mint Hill does not have a business license requirement, and Matthews does, only it is called a “Privilege License.”
The Mint Hill Board of Commissioners discussed adding a business license requirement at its last retreat. Commissioner Tina Ross said it would be a good way to keep track of who is doing business in the town. Mayor Ted Biggers argued that he wouldn’t want to add any financial burden to businesses in the town, especially in a recession. There are no plans in the works to add the license in Mint Hill.

Here’s the ins and outs of Matthews license:

“A privilege license allows officials to know who is conducting business in the town, as well as the location and type of business. This assists Town officials in ensuring a business is located in an area that is properly zoned and ensures that the business has adequate access to basic Town services.

Unless specifically exempt under state law, a privilege license is required for anyone who:

* Maintains a business location within Town of Matthews limits
* Solicits business within the Town of Matthews (personally or through agents)
* Picks up or delivers goods or services within the Town of Matthews

Separate licenses may be required if there is more than one type of business.

A Town of Matthews business privilege license must be purchased annually and is issued for a one year period that begins May 1 and ends April 30 of the following year.

The Town Finance Department works with businesses to ensure they comply with this ordinance. If for some reason a business is delinquent in purchasing a privilege license the Town will use a credit collection procedure. “Fortunately, we do not have a serious problem with businesses not purchasing their privilege licenses. 98% of our businesses comply with the ordinance. However, for the 2% who do not pay we will be stepping up our collection efforts. We work with all businesses giving them numerous opportunities to comply. It is not fair for the majority of businesses to play by the rules and for a few to try and sidestep regulations,” said Christine Surratt, Matthews Finance Director.

If you have any questions about privilege licenses in Matthews call the Town’s Finance Department at 704-847-4411, ext. 225.”