The Matthews Police Department arrested a suspect in several recent residential break-ins. On Monday, March 1, a resident near Four Lakes Drive, reported seeing a person attempting to break into their neighbor’s home. Police officers arrived and were able to arrest the person.

Wynton Lewis Coleman, 22, of 106 George Clay Lane, Matthews. was arrested. Following his arrest Coleman and his mother consented to a search of their home where officers located items from four other recent residential burglaries.

Coleman has been charged with attempted breaking and entering and on a warrant charge of possession of stolen property. Additional charges are pending for these burglaries and other recent thefts in the downtown area.

“This is an example where one citizen made a difference. They saw the suspect committing the crime and were able to call the police and give good accurate information. This enabled our officers and detectives to find this individual quickly and put him behind bars,” said Matthews Chief of Police Rob Hunter.