Myrick: ‘Talk about buying a pig in a poke’

From the office of Sue Myrick:

“A majority of the American people don’t want this health care bill, and they’ve been saying it for months. They know it will cost them a half of a trillion dollars in higher taxes, and they know it will result in increased insurance premiums. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that premiums for coverage purchased on the individual market will increase by an average of $2,300 per family! On top of that, thirty two states are moving legislation so that they don’t have to have a federal insurance mandate. State legislators know that this is a bad bill for the economy – why can’t Congress recognize it, too?

The American people understand that passing a bill without voting on it violates everything that we stand for as Americans. Talk about buying a pig in a poke. The Speaker says that we’ll pass a bill now and she will explain what’s in it later. Then, the House will have to trust the Senate to pass a “corrections” bill to fix what they don’t like in the bill they will have just passed.

Today, nobody trusts anyone else to follow through on their promises. If the Majority thought that this is what the American people wanted and they had the votes to pass health care reform, we would have passed this bill a long time ago. But they don’t have the votes, and this is certainly not what the American people want.

It’s time for this bill to be scrapped. Take it off the table. Congress needs to start over and work on changes that everyone – especially the American people – can agree on”.

-US Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-09)

2 comments on “Myrick: ‘Talk about buying a pig in a poke’
  1. Congresswomen Myrick, In all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about. You state that the American people do not want this bill. Who are the American people you are talking about? Are you talking about the more than thirty Million Americans who currently don’t have health care. These people are the American people. How about the over forty thousand American people who die each year because they don’t have health care? Are the families of these people Americans? Unfortunatley, your opinions reflect your selfeshness and lack of compasssion. I hope that this bill is passeed. I also hope that those Americans who represent the people I have mentioned here will reflect their opinions when you come up for reelection in November. Please don’t try to speak for the American people. It is obvious to me that you are only speaking for your limited number of constituents. If you had any integrity at all, your comments would truthfully reflect only the majority of those who you think will vote for you.

  2. Honorable Senator. Please, once in your life support something that benefits the working low paid American people and vote to pass the health reform bill. Me, and my family are whithot any health coverage and I must do treatments and expensive exams that I can not afford because cancer cells have already been removed from me. . . Providing me without insurance is a condemnation to death without me commiting a crime and an infamy aberration of a contradition to the Republican party that opposes abortion, euthanasia, or any other dignifying merciful end of life when hope is no longer available. . .
    So, Senator, please have the honest and complacent attitude of voting YES, to the Health Care Reform Bill.

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