Inside the children's section of the Mint Hill library.

News of the Mint Hill Library and 11 others within the system closing because of budget shortfalls have sent shock waves throughout the community. E-mails to the Mint Hill Times have called it a “sad day” in Mint Hill. While there is an movement county-wide to raise funds to save libraries,  Mayor Ted Biggers has begun an effort organize the town to voice disapproval to the county board of commissioners and the library board of directors.

A petition has been placed at the Mint Hill Town Hall for citizens to sign to show support for the town’s library. Contact information for the county board of commissioners and the library board of directors will also be available. Biggers is also in the process of organizing a committee that will focus on saving the library. Some of the committee members were a part of the original group that helped bring the library to Mint Hill decades ago.

By the end of the day, the town will have a form-letter available to citizens to send to the county and the library. The letter will be at town hall or can be printed from the town’s Web site.

The Mint Hill library has consistently ranked in the top 10 in the county in circulation despite being one of the smaller libraries in the system.

Donna Rogers, a longtime resident of Mint Hill, summed up it up best.

“Unbelievable! A sad, shameful day to be from Mecklenburg County.”