Close Independence High School to save money? Probably not.

First it was the threat to split Mint Hill into several different high schools in the redistricting for the new Rocky River High School. This time, CMS is talking about closing Independence High School and moving the students to Rocky River. WBTV is reporting there is not enough support on the Board of Education to do this. Board member Tim Morgan said tonight in an e-mail that as far as he knows, Kaye McGarry is the only one supporting the closing of Independence. North Meck was also mentioned as a school that could possibly close.

6 comments on “Close Independence High School to save money? Probably not.
  1. The closure of Independence will PROBABLY not occur. We used to think that the CMS Board would allow Mint Hill’s chidren to attend the new Rocky River High School. How can you tell when the Board members are acting stupidly? When they are voting.

  2. Then they should not be wasting time at the budget meeting discussing this issue today as was reported by WSOC TV. As a member of the PTSA Board at IHS I have been hearing rumors about shutting down IHS or leaving the New High School empty. I ignored those rumors since Mr. Gorman spoke out saying he was against these. I became greatly concerned when Roberts took it to the Media. This has parents and students in an up roar today.

  3. WSOCTV.COM has a poll for people to vote for or against closing IHS and North Meck. Please …GO VOTE NO….

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