The North Carolina Alliance for Public Charter Schools  recently held two “Regional Roundtable” meetings in the state. They were part of a planned four school tour to reach out and listen to needs of charter school leaders.

Stops included Raleigh Charter High School and Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy in Henrietta, NC. One third of the state’s charters were represented at these two productive meetings. The Alliance plans to hold another eastern area discussion next followed by a Charlotte school hosting principals and school board members.

Leaders told the Alliance that they were concerned about recent State Board of Education policies which seemed contradictory to legislative intent of the Charter School Act. They also expressed a wish to improve dialogue with the Office of Charter Schools.

Eddie Goodall, President of the Alliance said, “The discussions were very positive. Host school Headmasters Tom Humble and Joe Maimone and attendees said schools want a way to interact with not only other charters, but the whole community, including teachers, parents, students, legislators, and supporters.”

The Alliance is a non- partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to being the voice of public charter schools in the state and advancing quality educational opportunities for all North Carolina children by supporting and expanding successful public charter schools. The board chair is Paul Norcross, co-founder of Phoenix Academy in High Point.

Norcross added, “The Alliance and the 15,000 families on waiting lists, not to mention thousands more who simply do not enter a charter lottery because of the low probability of being drawn, were pleased to hear of the former “Education Governor’s” comments last Thursday.” The Charlotte Observer reported that Jim Hunt said that he’s all for lifting the statutory cap on charter schools. The number is capped at 100, and he thinks that artificial cap limits the educational innovation that charters can bring about.