Finally, TV catches up with split-siblings story

As the Mint Hill Times has reported for several months, CMS’s reassignment policy will split some families. Local TV news has caught up with the story:

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4 comments on “Finally, TV catches up with split-siblings story
  1. This story is getting old. This happpends every time a new High School opens in all Districts. I want to ask why was there no outrage from this same side of town when families were split when Butler opened in 1997 and some families had seniors at Independence and other kids at the new Butler. In case you have forgotten Independence will have a senior class next year so feel free to send you senior to Indy if keeping your kids together is the REAL and ONLY ISSUE here. The only people we are hearing from are the Butler/Indy split families. Why not the Butler/Rocky River families who have no choice.

    It seems you managed when you had kids at different schools before elementary/middle school and middle/high schools and wasn’t it for more than one year in most cases.

    So my advice is to get over it. Mint Hill got what they wanted ONE HIGH SCHOOL FOR MINT HILL its just not the building and your families still would have been split so quit complaining and move on.

  2. The omnipotent Wizards of the Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board have spoken. Let all of their subjects bow down and be grateful.

  3. Families for Strong Schools has been advocating for all the split siblings, including those at East Meck, Independence, West Charlotte, Myers Park, Rocky River, Hough High and North Meck. Because the organization is based in Mint Hill the Indy/Butler problem has been highlighted. Families for Strong Schools takes the stand that this is a moral issue, that the government should not force families to separate against their will at any school. We have advocated for a fair transition for all students: that the rising sophomores and juniors be allowed to choose to complete their education at their current schools. This is difficult for all the schools involved in reassignment.

  4. To Julie Parsons, what happens to the families that have a few kids in high school and 1 in middle school. Is CMS suppose to allow all kids from that family to go to the same high school? NO you have to cut it off somewhere. This is how it’s been done for YEARS and I don’t know of any families that have had to get counseling because their kids were at different high schools. Families for Strong Schools need to worry more about getting all schools and students on the same level instead of keeping siblings together. I would have loved the chance to go to another school instead of the same one that my sibling went to.

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