Mike Drye

Bain Principal Mike Drye barely had enough time to get his feet wet at the Mint Hill elementary school before getting transfer papers. He will take over at Nathaniel Alexander Elementary School beginning March 1 as a part of CMS’s Strategic Staffing Initiative. An interim principal will take over for the rest of the school year at Bain. Just two years ago, the previous Bain principal was moved as a part of the Initiative. Here’s CMS’s press release:

Three Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will receive new principals and two principals may build new leadership teams at their schools as part of the district’s Strategic Staffing Initiative. CMS Superintendent Dr. Peter C. Gorman announced the changes at the Feb. 9 Board of Education meeting. Principals moving to new schools will be in place March 1, giving them time to prepare for the 2010-2011 school year.
“Strong leadership is essential to raise student achievement,” Dr. Gorman said. “We looked closely at the data and performance for each of these schools, as well as the data and performance of the new and current principals we included in the Strategic Staffing Initiative. I am confident these leaders will help these schools succeed.”  
Under the new round of Strategic Staffing, Bain Principal Mike Drye will move to Nathaniel Alexander Elementary, Montclaire Principal Leah Davis will move to Albemarle Road Elementary, and Melissa Dunlap, executive director for the Northeast Learning Community, will be the new principal at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle. The principals’ former schools will be led by assistant or interim principals until additional staffing decisions are made.
“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives – that’s why I became a principal,” said Davis. “Dr. Gorman asked me to bring the successes we’ve had at Montclaire to this new setting, and that’s something I couldn’t say no to. I couldn’t turn down this chance to benefit the district as well as a new set of students.”
Lenora Shipp, principal of Lincoln Heights Elementary, and Anne Brinkley, principal of Eastway Middle, are debuting a new “hybrid” model of the Strategic Staffing Initiative. They will remain at their schools with the additional incentives that are part of the groundbreaking initiative.
The Strategic Staffing Initiative provides a mix of financial and hiring incentives for the principals and staff that join them. The principals make a three-year commitment to their new schools, and receive a 10 percent merit pay supplement (also factored into retirement) and an ABC bonus if their school shows high growth in the second year. Principals moving to new schools may bring an assistant principal and an academic facilitator, as well as choose as many as five teachers to join them. Principals remaining at their current schools have the same opportunity to choose key administrators and teachers to join their team.
The teachers will need to have shown strength in the classroom and to have met a minimum standard for growth in reading and math. The teachers will receive a $10,000 recruitment bonus with a three-year commitment, plus a $5,000 retention bonus in the second and third years.
Dr. Gorman announced the Strategic Staffing Initiative in May of 2008 as part of the Strategic Plan 2010: Educating Students to Compete Locally, Nationally and Internationally. The initiative falls under Goal II: Effective Educators, aimed at strengthening the leadership and teaching in CMS schools. This is the third group of Strategic Staffing principals. Nineteen schools are now participating in the initiative.