Sen. Eddie Goodall, who represents the Mint Hill area in the North Carolina Senate, sent this letter to Gov. Bev Perdue last week. It seems state legislatures are beginning to prepare for the passing of massive health care overhaul in Washington in the coming weeks.

Dear Governor Perdue,

As my correspondence of December 23 noted, federal healthcare legislation will undoubtedly have substantial policy and budget related impacts on North Carolina government and its citizens.

In your interview with the Greensboro News & Record, published this Monday, December 28, you rightfully note that “North Carolina, as many other states, really (doesn’t) have the money for unfunded mandates. It’s going to be very hard for us to pick up (an estimated 350,000 to 500,000) new Medicaid patients unless we have some more help from the federal government.”

My question is how your administration will address and prevent these unfunded mandates and associated federal regulations from negatively impacting North Carolina’s budget and the economic well being of North Carolina’s citizens. It is quite critical that we stay ahead of the curve on this issue.

Thank you again for your service to North Carolina. I hope you and your family continue to have a peaceful Christmas season.