New Matthews ordinance restricts peddlers and itinerant merchants

The Town of Matthews has adopted a new ordinance requiring Peddler/Itinerant Merchants to obtain a permit and purchase a business privilege license before conducting business within Town limits. Previously, anyone wishing to solicit business door-to-door was only required to purchase a business privilege license.

Now, the Matthews Police Department will be able to conduct background checks on peddlers, door-to-door salespeople and other itinerant merchants and have the authority to deal with those who violate the ordinance. The merchant/peddler will be required to present the permit to citizens before soliciting for their business. The ordinance will also restrict door-to-door selling and solicitation to the hours of 9 am until one hour prior to sunset.

Non-profit organizations, such as the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc, do not have to adhere to the policy.

“Unfortunately, there are individuals who may not be scrupulous in their business endeavors. While this does not happen often we want to make sure our community is safe for our residents. This ordinance will allow us to protect our citizens as well as the businesspeople who are operating their businesses legally,” said Matthews Chief of Police Rob Hunter.

The ordinance goes into effect immediately. If you need more information on this process contact the Town’s Finance Department at 704-847-4411.

4 comments on “New Matthews ordinance restricts peddlers and itinerant merchants
  1. Another thing…I see these guys pulling up to some of my customers’ houses(often startling them) looking like they may have just been paroled, currently on drugs, or drunk, etc. in a beater of a vehicle. They don’t pay their taxes, they don’t have business licenses. But when people pay these illegal low ballers, it only encourages them to cheat the system, and to put a strain on legit and honest business people such as myself and my clients.

  2. “…looking like they may have just been paroled, currently on drugs, or drunk..” – wow, and people hire them any? Are you sure your assesment is correct? Why would anyone invite a person like that into or around their homes?

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